Travel Bursaries: SEA-EU DOC Training Event

Travel Bursaries: SEA-EU DOC Training Event

As part of the SEA-EU DOC project (Erasmus+ Strategic Partnership Programme), the University of Malta is offering nine travel bursaries to University of Malta (UM) doctoral students in maritime/marine studies and one travel bursary to an academic member of staff at UM, in the same disciplinary domain, to take part in a training event in Split, Croatia, between 23 and 27 May 2022. The event will be organised and run by the University of Split.

Each bursary is for a total of EUR 565 of which EUR 275 can be used to cover travel and a subsistence allowance of EUR 58 daily for five days. A copy of the draft programme can be accessed online

Interested applicants are required to complete the online registration form for Doctoral Students and the online registration form for academics.

The deadline has been extended to Friday 15 April 2022.