The UNIST Team

The UNIST Team

Leandra Vranjes Markic
Vice-Rector for Research and Innovation and Coordinator of SEA-EU-DOC at UNIST

Mile Dzelalija
Director of the Doctoral Programme in Biophysics, Expertise in the Education Sector and Member of European Qualification Framework

Niksa Jajac
Dean of the Faculty of Civil Engineering, Architecture and Geodesy, Mentoring Doctoral Students in the Fields of Coastal and Maritime Sciences

Damir Sapunar
Direction of the Doctoral Programme Translation and Research in Biomedicine

Nikola Balic
Head of Department for Science and Innovation and Member of SEA-EU RDI Sub-Committee

Bruna Paušić
Head of Unit for Project Development

Ivana Vuka
Head of Technology Transfer Office and EURAXESS Contact Point at UNIST

Mia Sundov
Expert Associate for Project Implementation Support

Ana Grgic
Expert Associate at Science Office. Coordinator of Alumni Community and EURAXESS Contact Point at UNIST