The UM Team

The UM Team

Prof. Nicholas Vella
Department of Classics and Archeology, Director of the Doctoral School and Coordinator of SEA-EU DOC at UM

Prof. Godfrey Baldacchino
Department of Sociology and Coordinator of SEA-EU Project at UM

Maria Calleja
Technical Manager SEA-EU and reSEArch-EU

Dr Ritienne Gauci
Department of Geography, Coordinates Activities of IO1 and SEA-EU Outreach Subcommittee Member for UM

Dr Edward Duca
Science and Innovation Communication Lecturer at the Centre for Entrepreneurship and Business Incubation and Leading Dissemination Aspects

Dr Adam Gauci
Department of Geosciences, Physical Oceanography Research Group and Coordinates Activities of IO3

Clayton Axisa
Research Support Officer

Eva Beggiato
Financial Officer and Project Support