Kick-Off Meeting Takes Place

Kick-Off Meeting Takes Place

A kick-off meeting for the SEA-EU DOC was held virtually on 12 November 2020, where key individuals from the six participating universities convened to discuss the next steps for the 3-year project funded by the European Commission (Erasmus+) and led by the University of Western Brittany.

The meeting looked at the suitability of the training of doctoral students with research topics that delve into marine and maritime issues: from archaeology to engineering.

Skill competence, industry alignment, job prospects and entrepreneurship of these eventual graduates are some of the key benchmarks being explored.

The focus is timely because many graduates with a PhD these days do not necessarily find themselves employed with universities – as used to be more common in the recent past.

The UM team is led by Prof. Nicholas Vella, Director of the Doctoral School, and is responsible for all dissemination activities relating to the project.

The objective of the SEA-EU consortium is to create a new European model of cooperation between universities on the 2025-30 horizon.