Is there Life After my PhD Thesis?

Is there Life After my PhD Thesis?

Are you reading for a PhD with a maritime theme? Do you stop to think what you intend to do after you complete your PhD? Do you ever think about the career paths that exist beyond research and academia?  If the answer to any of these questions is a “yes”, then the online training event being organised as part of the SEA-EU Doc Erasmus+ project is just for you.

We are looking for 10 PhD students currently undertaking research on a maritime theme at the University of Malta to take part in a training event organized by Université de Bretagne Occidentale in Brest, France, between 17 and 21 May 2021. 

The sessions will consider career paths beyond academia, career development planning, networking skills, and techniques for applying for job offers. Selected participants will be joining another fifty doctoral students from the partner universities at Cadiz, Brest, Kiel, Gdansk and Split.

The complete programme can be accessed online.

If you are interested in joining this event, please apply by completing the online form. The closing date of application is 31 March 2021. In selecting participants, consideration will be given to the motivation to participate in this event and the description of the professional project you intend to embark upon after you complete your doctorate. A letter of recommendation may be sought from your principal supervisor. 

The event is part of the SEA-EU Doc project which aims to broaden the employment opportunities of doctoral students in marine/maritime/coastal sciences. The project is related to the Alliance of European Universities SEA-EU.

Further information can be sought form Prof. Nicholas Vella, Director of the Doctoral School.