Co-Creation Workshop 27 October 2020

It will share experiences and good practices that UBO open factory as an already existing living model has and to overwhelm the perspectives within the whole alliance regarding this matter. UBO Open Factory is a multi-disciplinary open innovation laboratory. Inspired by the model of Fab Labs and collaborative spaces, this laboratory provides equipment and expertise that promote learning by doing and developing collaborative and multidisciplinary projects in both research and education in partnership with companies and civil society. Since 2015, many activities have been tested in terms of education, research and partnerships with professionals. Many disciplines have been coupled through multi-disciplinary projects (Biology, Design, Electronics, Physics, Mechanics, Economy). UBO Open Factory is involved in societal and environmental responsibility topics through the international Fab City project. UBO Open Factory is organised as a thematic laboratory (Ocean, Health, Disability, Music, Sensors,Materials — recycling and biomaterials, Sensors, Food, Local Production and circular economy,  and education laboratory). Disrupt Campus is an education program on Open Innovation and collaborative project, FabCampus is a program on Digital Fabrication and Open-source documentation. Agenda and registration