Career development for doctoral students 17 May 2021

From 17 to 21 May, the Doctoral School of Marine and Coastal Sciences (EDSML) launches the
first training week of the SEA-EU DOC program around the theme “Career development for doctoral
students”. Open to 60 European doctoral students from the six SEA-EU partner universities as well as
to a dozen thesis directors, this week of teaching will take place exclusively online.

The SEA-EU DOC Project
SEA-EU-DOC is an Erasmus + Strategic Partnerships for higher education project focused on doctoral
studies in marine, maritime and coastal sciences. SEA-EU-DOC aims to expand the employment
opportunities for doctoral graduates in the specific context of marine sciences.
Indeed, with the deficit of permanent academic employment contracts in Europe and the increasing
precariousness of opportunities in this sector, more and more PhDs are turning to positions outside
academia. It is the responsibility of universities to prepare students for a wide range of professional
options that correspond to the reality of the labour market.

The Training Week
This week of training was entirely dedicated to the professional integration of the PhD students of the
SEA-EU universities network, allow them to discover and improve:
– the competence-based approach
– innovative European programs
– the construction of an e-portfolio and a CV
– career development
– networking
– personal branding and the use of social networks
– pitching

This training also allowed doctoral students to exchange with professionals, recruiters and company
All of the week’s sessions were led by doctoral study managers and numerous professionals and many
professionals, business leaders and politicians. A big thank you to them for their involvement and
support for this initiative: Diane Vernizeau, François Civet, Yvan Le Bras, Delphine Muths, William
Handal, Thomas Jaud, Myrina Boulais, Anne-Leile Meistertzheim, Raphaëlla Le Gouvello, Philippe
Craneguy, Pierre Warlop and Laura Asi-Natiran.