Communication is essential when carrying out a project successfully. Both internal and external communication are branches that support much of the work and content carried out by the different working groups. People who must have the right tools to collaborate safely and ethically. That is why at SEA-EU we choose free software tools. In addition, in these times, with teleworking increasingly implanted in our daily lives, it is important to experiment and establish virtual communication platforms that allow us to keep up with current times.

Communication to the outside is also essential. As it is said, if something is not seen, it does not exist. We want citizens to know and participate in what we are doing. That is why we have an Outreach and an Identity subcommittee that ensure the correct dissemination of values ​​and content. From these subcommittees and their respective working groups, we are preparing activities that bring us closer to students, workers and citizens. Social networks, contests and workshops, among other things, that will serve as a link between the European University of the Seas, and the people.