Quality and Ethics Subcommittee members

  • Q&E SUBCOMMITTEE MANAGER (UNIST): Prof. Dr. Mile Dželalija
  • Q&E substitute from (UNIST): Prof. Dr. Ana Marušić
  • Q&E representative from (UBO): Prof. Dr. Jérémy Morvan, Vice-rector in charge of innovation and transfer       
  • Q&E representative from (UCA): Prof. Dr. Francisca Orihuela Gallardo, General Director of Quality
  • Q&E substitute from (UCA): Prof. Dr. Antonio J. González Rueda, 2nd Strategic Plan Comissioner
  • Q&E representative from (CAU): Dr. Laura Wamhoff, Quality Management CAU
  • Q&E substitute from (CAU): Dr. Jonathan Durgadoo, SEA EU Coordination Kiel
  • Q&E representative from (UG): Maciej Siwy, Legal Counsel
  • Q&E substitute from (UG): Monika Adamczuk, Head of Project Monitoring Unit
  • Q&E representative from (UM): Dr. Alexander Spiteri, Senior Executive – Quality Unit Support
  • Q&E substitute from (UM): Dr. Gillian Martin, Senior Lecturer – Sociology, Faculty of Arts
  • Q&E substitute from (UM): Dr. Romina Cuschieri, Data Protection Officer

External experts

  • Alicia Berlanga, Academic and IT manager LINKIAFP
  • Ivana Filipović, ESN Split
  • Luke Bonello Ghio, National Representative ESN Malta
  • Michael Morisch, ESN Kiel