A city of the sea and dreams – that is how people picture Gdynia. One would be hard pressed to find a term that better describes the nature of this enchanting port.

The decision to build a port in Gdynia was taken after Poland regained independence in 1918. Transforming a sleepy holiday resort into one of Europe’s most modern ports was, aside from the Central Industrial Region, the biggest Polish investment project during the interwar period, a symbol of the maritime aspirations of the renascent state.

Gdynia is home to many companies and scientific institutes connected with the sea, including: Nauta Shiprepair Yard, Polish Ocean Lines (carrier), Polskie Ratownictwo Okrętowe (a carrier company), the Naval Academy, the Maritime Academy, the Institute of Oceanography of the University of Gdansk, the National Marine Fisheries Research Institute, the Institute of Marine and Tropical Medicine, the Central Laboratory of Fishing Industry, and the Navy Museum.