SEA-EU photo contest

The 6 universities of the Alliance are organizing a joint photo competition from October 1, 2020. In line with the vision and values ​​of SEA-EU, the theme of the competition is “The sea and us”. The photos submitted should illustrate the connection between humans and the sea.

Here are some possible sources of inspiration:

– Live sustainably by, from and with the sea

– Maritime and cultural heritage

– Maritime and coastal towns

– Nature and man

– Seascape and landscape

The competition will be organized in 2 selection phases: a local selection (within each university, in November) followed by a European selection (in December). The competition is free and open to all students enrolled in one of the six organizing universities. To participate: your photos are expected between October 1 and 25, at your university contact point:

click here if you are a student at UCA

click here if you are a student at UBO

click here if you are a student at CAU